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lundi 12 février 2018, par Carole Gardelle

Here are the results of 73 pupils aged 13-14 from Jean Garcin about the use of cell phones.

95.9% have a cell phone mostly bought by their parents who foot the bill. The bills do not exceed 5€/month in general.
Teenagers say the brandname has no importance for them however almost half of the teenagers in Jean Garcin own an Iphone !

Most teenagers say they are more likely to use their phone to send text messages, watch videos and go on social networks.

47.9% say they switch it off at night but 43.8% admit to sleep with it near them...

72.6% say they never use it in class against 12% who do but most teenagers think it does not distract them from the lesson.

Many pupils use it while they are eating, they are having a conversation or riding their bikes.

Finally, when asked about the dangers of a too excessive use of cell phones, they think there are some risks like headaches and insomnia. Moreover, they also agree on the fact that they spend less time with their family or friends.

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